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RC Passage of the Day

Read carefully the passages given below and answer the questions that follow.

I do not appreciate of forbiddance by law. According to me, it is a worthless attempt at a self-arrogated virtue. Wine is as old as gods and it has come down to us through ages and scriptures as the supreme soothe for the human agony. It is our legacy of an age when gods were mortal and men were divine, and though wine has been accursed as an hateful evil since its first sip by man, he has not stopped drinking at its bubbling fountain of vice and forgetfulness. A nation that needs legislation to maintain the virtue of its people is really unfortunate. Saints have preached great sermons on the immoral of drinking but this Christian scriptures of the saints has always remained a bad sermon in the world of sinners. It is good for the saints to preach but stupid for the state to enforce that preaching, for what is enforced by law ceases to be moral. A virtue is a virtue only when it is acquired through self-realisation, not when is is pushed on the lives of the people. Every new law creates a new group of law-breakers and one more sin is added to the sum-total of human crimes. As Goldsmith says that virtue which requires, to be ever guarded is scarcely worth, the sentinel.

Que 1. When the writer speaks of ‘self-arrogated virtue’, who has arrogated virtue in his view?

1] The law-court.
2] The society.
3] The state.
4] The police.

Que 2. No virtue remains a virtue unless

1] it is acquired through self-realisation.
2] the sentinel is discarded.
3] the state thrusts it on peoples’lives.
4] [1] and [2].

Que 3. The possible flaw in the author’s logic is that it

1] assumes that is the government, not the society, who want prohibition.
2] does not state and refute arguments in favour of prohibition.
3] does not support argument with statistics.
4] neglects the state’s role in pre-empting crimes for social peace.

Que 4. It is stupid, according to the writer, to enforce the saints’ preaching, because

1] the state shouldn’t set itself up as the guardian of morals.
2] no legislation can maintain for long morality based on sermons.
3] the saint’s gospel and the state’s law enforcement are different issues.
4] neither legislation for nor sermons have succeeded in preventing drinking.

Que 5. State which of the following statements is false.

1] Every part of legislation adds one more offender.
2] The moment law tries to enforce virtue , it no longer remains virtue.
3] Goldsmith says a virtue is one which cannot remain a virtue unless someone guards it constantly.
4] The sinners have always ignored sermons.

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